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HeartSmart was registered as a Community Interest Company (C.I.C.)  in 2019 - Company Number:12146631. It was born out of desire  to find ways to extend therapy provision to meet the needs of more children in North Dorset and surrounding areas, and to make Play Therapy accessible to all children who need it for as long as they need it, not on a time limited basis.

A C.I.C. is effectively a Limited Company, but one that exists to provide a service to the community and where a significant portion of profits are reinvested into the community. I like this idea! A CIC can apply for funding in the same way a charity can. This is an attractive idea too.

About HeartSmart 

HeartSmart is growing beyond just being Jane’s therapy provision. There is a message to spread about the vital importance of play in children’s healthy social, emotional and cognitive development. There are children who are waiting and wanting therapy who cannot access it. They are children who are unable to talk about their difficulties, who need the gentle safety that creative arts and play offer. There are parents who are worried about their children, desperate to help their children themselves, but who don’t know where to turn.


HeartSmart wants to change that!


We aim to gain funding for planned projects such as parent workshops that focus on empowering and enabling parents to be the agents of change in their family. We want to run more group programmes for children using creative arts and play to nurture resilience and coping skills that insulate their wellbeing that can be accessible by all, no matter what their income level.


You are welcome to join the dream!

  • Work for HeartSmart 

  • Donate to HeartSmart

  • Fundraise for HeartSmart

  • Volunteer for HeartSmart


                Maybe I am dreamer,

but I’m also an optimist and believe that we can 

          "be the change you want to see." (Gandhi)

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