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HeartSmart offers a range of interventions to support individuals and families

Child hands painted in colorful paints.

Play and Creative

Arts Therapy

Ocean Rocks

Mindfulness coaching

At least three children in every classroom will have a diagnosable mental health difficulty, with significantly more struggling with psychological challenges which impact their confidence, social relationships and ability to learn. HeartSmart exists to help children through and beyond these difficulties so that they can blossom and enjoy their lives more fully. Sometimes that will be through direct one-to-one work with a child, or maybe a small group of children; sometimes it will be through empowering parents and carers to be the agents of change, and sometimes it might be through workshops for childcare practitioners.  Please contact me to discuss your needs and to find out more about how HeartSmart might be able to help you or your service.

"Jane is like a really good adult friend who I can chat to about anything. I speak to her about my emotions and friendships. She helped me through a really tough time and I am now so much better at working things out for myself.” G (9yrs)

"I remain each

and every day deeply

grateful for the work you did with me and how much it has helped me live my best life Jane" - Nic (student, 22yrs)

" one of the hardest times of my life you were so loving and supportive and I learnt so much..." M (23yrs)

People During Workshop


Father and Son

 Support for parents

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